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Chaung Thar

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Chaung Thar beach is located 40 km to the west of Pathein in Ayeyarwaddy Division. It is about 5 hrs drive from Yangon to Chaung Thar beach. It is an attractive wide beach where coconut palms and casuarinas trees can be found there. Chaung Thar well known fresh conconut juice that it is very delicious. Along Chaung Thar beach, you can ride bicycle and motorcycle and also take a traditional bullock cart ride along the extensive stretches of the sandy beach. Moreover, you can also play others water activities and visit nearby villages where you can experience the local cuisine and also see traditional trinkets and ornaments fashioned from sea shells, cowries, mother of pearl, huge rock-shrimp and crabs, fossilized marine flora and coral formation. You will enjoy the sound of the ocean at night.